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Terry's Sky Notes

MARCH NIGHT SKY  - This month the constellations of Auriga and Leo

(As seen from Welwyn Garden City at 21:00 on Wed 13th March)


Auriga – The Charioteer    (west south-west)

Capella (α Aur) – A quadruple star system comprised of 2 binary pairs, around 43 ly away. (RA 05h 17m  Dec +45° 59̕).

Pair 1: Aa A blue-white sub-giant, spec.type K0 III and Ab yellow giant type G1 III.

Pair 2: H red dwarf spec.type M2.5V and L red dwarf spec.type M4.

Relative sizes

Leo – (The Lion)   (south)

Regulus (α Lionis) – Another quadruple star  system (RA 10h 12m  Dec +11° 59̕) about 80 ly   away.

Star Aa: A blue-white sub-giant spec.type B7W and 3.5 x mass of the Sun.

Star Ab: A white dwarf main sequence star spec.type K2 V about 0.8 x the mass of the Sun.

Stars Ac & Ad are cool red dwarfs which periodically flare.


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