Terry's Sky Notes

Terry's Sky Notes

FEBRUARY NIGHT SKY  - This month the constellation Taurus





















Hyades. A roughly spherical open cluster group of several hundred stars, 153 light-years away.

 (RA 04h 27m  Dec +15° 52̕ ).

Pleiades – Messier 45. An open cluster of over 1,000 stars comprising many young hot blues, brown dwarfs and other luminous stars (RA 03h 47m  Dec +24° 07̕ ).  It is 444 light-years distant.  

 Aldebaran (α Tauri). A giant orange-red binary star system, 65 light-years away.

(RA 04h 36m  Dec +16° 30̕  type K5 III). Alpha is over 40 x the diameter of our Sun.

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