Skiesunlimited using 2021 Template

Page 2

OK, I thought I had added a page before and published it but that didn’t see to work so 2nd go. I think I have managed to get rid of the Hello World page so some success.

This is a new Quote Block added to see if it is added to the website”

Also to see if the final quotes are added – no they are not so you have to manually add them (done)- this is the citation section

20 May
How annoying. Tried adding a Menu following Youtube instructions but nothing happened. And that annoying Hello World Page still keeps showing when the URL is typed in.

Need further investigation.

May 21

Deleted the Welcome World page (again – I thought I had done that before) and made a new Home Page.

Deactivated all the Add on Widgets and now have a Menu/Nav Bar to play with. Shame that the menus don’t show up on these editing pages.

Next challenge – can I get my logo into the Header section?

May 28

Experimented with the Menus/Sticky Headers and got in a muddle (again) Karina helped me out and showed me the CSS Peeper extension that enabled the Class of an item to be found with a right click. This can then be added into the appropriate box in the My Sticky Menu Plug In

Might be brave and try it myself on another menu. Notes saved in WordPress file in case it goes wrong.