Bayfordbury Open Evenings and IOP Lectures

Bayfordbury Observatory Open Evenings


Saturday December 8th



The next Bayfordbury Open Evening has been announced as taking place on Saturday 8th December from 17:00 - 21:00 - please note these times are very different to previous open evenings.


Booking is not yet open (as at 15th November) so the only way you can guarantee getting in is by offering to help with our club stand :)


This is your chance to help the club by volunteering to help recruit new members to our club.  You can do this is several ways. 


The first is to help man our indoor recruitment table where we engage with visitors by talking about astronomy with them in a casual, informal way.  This is where you can help gauge their interest and  tell them about the benefits of coming along to our regular club evenings.  Your job will be to see if you can interest them in signing up to our newsletter mail list with a view to coming along to a meeting.  Sometimes just chatting about equipment and observation experiences helps people to understand that we are a friendly group of every day folk who share a common interest.


The second way of helping is to bring along some of your equipment and, hopefully, being able to use it under a clear sky down by the university's observation domes.  In the past, visitors have been amazed at how good back yard scopes can be for relatively modest budgets (yes, those Lidl ones!).  We have also been fortunate in having some of our members bring along their larger scopes which can certainly rival the university ones for interest.  Visitors have remarked how useful it is to be able to speak with everyday astronomers of all levels about perhaps entering into this fascinating hobby.  Of course, if it is cloudy then you are still welcome to come along and set up an indoor display of your gear and aim it at some well placed targets.


Rumour has it that the coffee bar with refreshments may be reinstated too.


As a reward for helping you will be able to get in free and spend some of the evening visiting the other attractions on show at these evenings and maybe have a free coffee and doughnut.


Want to come?  Just click the button below, fill in your name and let us know.

Institute of Physics Lectures University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield




The role of drones and satellites in land use and precision agriculture




Toby Waine


Wednesday 5 December 2018 at 7.00pm


Lindop Building

College Lane Campus,


AL10 9AB


Free to attend but as a courtesy please email Diane to let her know of your intention to attend.







Future IOP Lectures are scheduled for :



30th January: “Elementary!” A celebration of the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table by Stephen H. Ashworth



27th February: - Mysteries of the solar system by Stuart Eves



3rd April: Plastic waste – how can we reduce the problems? by Sophie Thomas



24th April: Apollo - fact or fiction by Paul Hall



29th May: Supermassive Black Holes, the DNA of galaxies? by Marc Sarzi