We are certainly living in interesting times with our monthly meetings on hold until further notice.

Stay safe.

However, there are plenty of things that we can be doing with astronomy to keep ourselves interested and to share that enthusiasm with members of our immediate families.

Have a look at our suggestions and send us more of your own.

What else you can do (1)

Look in the (Virtual) sky

There are plenty of journals and websites that can tell you what to go and look for including Terry's Sky Notes.

Astronomy doesn't have to be an expensive hobby as you can go outside and stare at the sky and begin your journey of exploration into the realms of space using just your eyes.

If it is cloudy then you can explore the sky using Stellarium which we are sure many of you have on your PCs, laptops, tablets and phones.  If you haven't then we certainly recommend it to all as it is not only very good but also FREE!  You can download it from and it will run on any operating system. - Windows, Android, Apple, Linux etc.

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